HealthBarbecue Methods Followed Around the World to Feast Your...

Barbecue Methods Followed Around the World to Feast Your Tastebuds


The barbecue world is wide, different, and differ in taste from one region to another. The way the chicken or beef barbecue and the recipe followed is different in each region and a simple twerk in the recipe here and there can bring a change in the final taste. If you wish to know more, then you can try all barbecue dishes including the traditional sauce-laden pork whenever you are on a vacation.

The barbecue is a world that is best known for everything thick, spicy, and sweet, combined with the best sauces. Every time someone wishes to enjoy a relaxing party, they prefer hosting a barbecue party in their backyard to let others have a break from all busy schedule.

Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe is one of the many names famous for their top-quality BBQ units. Their ceramic grills are the most preferred ones today because of the smoky flavour they add to anything prepared in them. You can effortlessly cook meat, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and other dishes on their grills.

Kamado Joe Classic 2 is one of the many creations that have hit the market. These barbecue units are coated with ceramic layers to not only let the unit heat earlier but also keep the heat inside the unit until cooking is completed. Hence, you can manage these barbecue units with a minimal supply of charcoal or gas.


Masterbuilt is one of the many names that entered the barbecue manufacturing market in the 1970s. They started with a simple cooking oven with a traditional design suitable for that particular year. However, as demand increased and the mode of grilling food changed, their units were also updated with the required additions, and now they have many series with great demand from barbecue lovers.

Masterbuilt 800 is one of the many creations of the Masterbuilt Gravity series. Even though these are designed with the latest technology, they are yet to let go the traditional touch of charcoal heating option. Their products are all designed with many options, such as gas, charcoal, and electric heating. You can use any mode to cook tasty dishes in them.

Dishes from Around the Globe

Here are some dishes that are renowned in different places.

· Barbacoa

Barbacoa is a term used to describe the Caribbean cooking style. The actual meaning of the term is a barbecue of a whole sheep after wrapping the meat inside the maguey leaves. The process is the same, even though the beef used differs.

· Kansas

In Kansas, people enjoy spicy, sweet, thick sauces with all the dishes prepared in the barbecue. These dishes are all slowly cooked to savour the flavour.

· Kalua

In Hawaii, kalua is the barbecue of meat in an imu, a pit filled with hot lava rocks.

· North Carolina

In North Carolina, people add vinegar-based sauce to the skewers before barbecuing the dishes to enhance the flavour with a tangy touch.

Many such places have different ways of enjoying their barbecue dishes. By making a note of the recipes, you can learn them all and try them one after the other.

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