CarsImporting Your Car into Australia

Importing Your Car into Australia


Relocating to another country brings a host of different challenges and tasks, one of which is transporting your vehicle. Understanding the intricacies of importing your car into Australia is vital to ensuring a smooth transition into your new life. Here is a step-by-step guide to assist you in navigating the process.


Initiating Your Import Journey
Embarking on the import process requires thorough research. Start by determining if your car meets the safety standards required for Australian roads and can be fitted with the necessary identification plates. The Australian Government provides a set of guided questions that can kickstart your research and clarify the prerequisites for your vehicle’s eligibility.

Key Considerations
During your initial research, consider the following aspects:

  • Necessary documentation for the import process.
  • Whether a broker’s services will be required.
  • The associated costs, including any permits or fees.
  • Expected timelines for obtaining approvals and permits.
  • Potential need for modifications to comply with Australian standards.


Application Process
Obtaining the necessary approval to import your car involves several crucial steps. First, you must register for an account on ROVER, the online application platform, and fill out the required forms. This process also includes uploading a photo ID and paying the application fee.

Post-Approval Requirements
Once approved, you will receive a notification via email, which may include specific conditions related to the use of your vehicle in Australia, such as mandatory modifications or additional tests to ensure compliance.


Preparation for Shipping
Before initiating overseas shipping your car, it is essential to have it professionally cleaned both inside and out to eliminate any potential biosecurity risks, such as soil or plant residues. This step ensures compliance with Australia’s strict quarantine regulations.

Navigating Customs and Quarantine
Upon arrival, your vehicle must undergo customs clearance and meet stringent quarantine guidelines. The customs process includes submitting an import declaration, paying necessary taxes such as customs duty, GST, and a luxury car tax if applicable, and confirming that the vehicle is asbestos-free.

Final Steps:

Compliance and Registration
After your car arrives in Australia and passes all inspections and modifications required by your import approval, the final step is to register your vehicle. This is done through the local State or Territory road and transport authority where you will be residing.

Common Questions About Car Importation

Is it economical to import your car to Australia?

Importing a personal vehicle offers individuals not just independence but also significant financial savings. With the high cost of vehicles in the Australian market, importing presents a cost-effective alternative. Australian Movers can assist with this process seamlessly.

Can you drive a left-hand drive car in Australia?

While driving a left-hand drive vehicle in Australia is not standard, it may be permissible under certain conditions depending on the State or Territory. It is important to verify these details with the local road and transport authority.

For detailed steps and additional information, the Australian Government’s vehicle import page offers comprehensive guidance and direct links to facilitate the import process.

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