TechMy results after using Lenostube's "handwritten comments"

My results after using Lenostube’s “handwritten comments”


Against the backdrop of an ever-growing assortment of various messages in the space of digital communication, a new and distinctive branch of creativity begins to emerge: handwritten comments, which have excited the universe of YouTube comments. It is difficult to say what is so captivating to users throughout the world in this revival of personalized creation, for the merging of new digital achievements and the long-lost charm of handwriting cannot leave anyone indifferent. Perhaps the fact that one of the most automated and impersonal sectors of space will close at this intersection of the sincerity of the past and technology of the future gives this phenomenon particular importance and, therefore, interest.

This article has investigated the notion and development of handwritten comments on a YouTube account. Specifically, based on my prior engagement with Lenostube’s service helping to improve YouTube comments, the comparison of automated and handwritten comments allows for a fully-fledged analysis of this matter in terms of engagement, originality, and general contributions to the content. Therefore, my project has given readers a fresh perspective regarding handwritten comments as a tool to genuinely support and elevate the quality of digital interactions.

The Concept and Evolution of Handwritten Comments

Defining handwritten comments

This concept refers to the comments that have been written by a human user and are directly current and good comments, handwritten to fit in with the content of the video. The comments are written by real people and linked to their accounts. Since the accounts are from Google, they are credible, and people want to watch.

Transition from Automated to Personal Messages.

Transition from Automated to Personal Messages. The marked transition from automated responses to personalized handwritten comments is also a new era of digital communication strategies. This strategy is based on direct communication, which is appreciated by viewers. With comments personalized, this aspect of viewing can become much more effective and meaningful than reading actual comments.

Impact on Audience Engagement and Video Rankings

Despite the appalling lack of originality, handwritten comments can indeed make a difference in video rankings. A team of researchers has noted that “comments are powerfully correlated with the rating of a video” based on their analysis of data from 1.3 million videos. This is logical because YouTube’s algorithms give additional preference to video content that stimulates user interaction. First, a giant streaming platform becomes a loyal partner with content developers who publish engaging records. Second, comments can keep users on the channel for a longer time because they like to read them while watching videos.

My Personal Experience with Lenostube’s Handwritten Comments

The Initial Expectation of the Trial

Why I Decided to Try At First, the main reason to consider using the service of handwritten comments on Lenostube appeared to be the willingness to improve engagement on the YouTube videos. Thus, the basic claim about “real, authentic comments from active accounts” seemed such an appealing message, as the credibility and attractiveness of the content could be directly influenced by the comments under the videos. The reassurance of the provision by real people at a normal speed and many extra likes created the premise of the high-quality service.

Customization and Ordering Process

I found the customization and ordering process easy and convenient. In this regard, I was able to select the gender of the commenters, which was beneficial in my case. I decided that male and female commentators would leave comments. In addition, I could schedule the posting of comments so that they did not resemble a machine. The customization was an essential function in this case, as it made the service suit my video requirements and advertisement in general.

Observations on Comment Quality and Authenticity

While most comments were of high quality and had a ring of authenticity, there are several reasons that could cast a seed of doubt into the authenticity of these positive messages. The most obvious one is that each comment was one-of-a-kind and tailored to the video content, suggesting that they had been truly written by real people and not some robotic bot. Another point that adds to their authenticity is the fact that comments were posted from channels or profiles that had subscribers and a profile picture, which is, in most cases, a lifetime tell of legitimate profiles. At the same time, the relative problem with comments was their overwhelmingly positive attitude, which may not reflect the real-world reaction to the video. While positive comments might get left more frequently than negative ones, to produce a real sense of authenticity, the ratio of negative, positive, and neutral comments should be more balanced.

Impact on Video Engagement and Channel Growth

Impact on Video Engagement and Channel Growth The impact on video engagement and channel growth is clear. The prior and post-use of Lenostube’s service shows a significant increase in relevant views and subscribers. This means that not only did the handwritten comments attract new viewers, but they also improved the video’s engagement with the algorithm. As such, the extra engagement views drove rankings that brought new qualifying leads to the channel. Therefore, the added value of real comments is the affirmation that YouTube’s system prioritizes real interaction. Ultimately, the use of handwritten comments helped me realize a more engaging and growing YouTube channel.

Comparing Automated Comments vs. Handwritten Comments

Differences in Authenticity and Relevance

In comparison, there’s a lower level of authenticity and relevance with automated halves. Although these responses can be generated quickly, they don’t necessarily reflect the video’s authenticity or the channel’s personality. Instead, they’re merely vague and somewhat relatable to Expresswoman videos. Handwritten comments, however, are made by people who have watched the video and can customize their input to be more authentic and relevant.

The Effect on Viewer Perception and Interaction

Since viewers enjoy genuine connections to the content, the viewers’ quality of interaction can be improved by handwritten notes. In the process of shaping the viewer’s perception, handwritten comments are of great importance. The viewer can feel his uniqueness when he receives a custom-made comment and expresses his appreciation of the host’s time and thoughtfulness in answering the comment. On the other hand, the viewer may feel something if he receives a similar template response and becomes numb to receiving praise script at some point.

Long-term Benefits for YouTube Channel Growth

Ultimately, the benefits of using handwritten comments are long-term and positively impact the development of the channel. When viewers feel personally connected and appreciated, the community created around the channel becomes loyal and excited. Thus, the key benefits of handwritten and genuinely personalized responses are improved engagement and retention and, subsequently, higher subscription rates. The channels that value genuine interaction over robotically prompt responses are more likely to gain a committed audience and, eventually, succeed on the platform.


In conclusion, Lenostube and other services that have made automation a feature of the past allow YouTubers to develop their spaces online without sacrificing authenticity. Testimonies shared and comparisons made in a previous exploration provide a powerful case for handwritten comments’ efficacy in cultivating a healthy, active, and loyal viewer base. Thus, authenticity and interaction appear to be interconnected: when viewers receive the opportunity to engage on a personal, intimate level with content creators, the YouTuber may pave the way for repairing a broken digital culture. Beyond that, it has been demonstrated that such engagements may boost a video’s presence on the platform, strengthening the creator and video on an increasingly competitive platform.

Considering the vastness of its implications, it is clear that the exclusivity of the discovery is related to the broader implications of authenticity in the digital age. Specifically, while the principle can be applied to every digital platform where interaction and communication are possible, including various websites, social media portals, and so on, YouTube is just an example, and so it is essential to note that the necessity of staying connected is omnipresent. It is this connection that is established in written dialogue, and handwritten comments provide an easy and real solution to the challenge, creating the appearance of an individualized connection. Therefore, as it pertains to content creation and digital marketing as a whole, if my thesis receives broad recognition in its particular field, it is a quick pathway to attaining a connected, interactive online crowd.

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