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Technology that can analyze website visitors


To develop a business nowadays, several technologies are needed that a company may need, for example having a website, having a website or domain for business purposes is sometimes necessary, apart from being a medium for introducing a product or service, a company also needs tracking or what could be called view website visitor analysis, by studying and analyzing visitors to a product or service you can adjust to their needs and what they want, in this article we will discuss several tools that might be used to view visitor analysis,

  1. Google Analytics

The first and most frequently used tool by many companies on a small and large scale is Google Analytics, this tool is very popular for analyzing visitors to a website, this method can include several analyzes such as the number of visitors, several traffic sources, length of visit duration, and also the pages most frequently visited by visitors. This tool is very special because it can understand various trends and also analyze visitors well. This tool can be used to help a company understand users and marketing strategies.

  1. Heatmaps

Frequently used heatmap tools such as Hotjar and Crazy Egg, these tools can help website owners see which areas and pages get the most interaction from visitors, of course by using a sitemap. Apart from being able to find out which pages are most liked by visitor this tool can also detect which parts of the pages are ignored on the website. Of course, the information obtained from the Heatmap tools is very useful in optimizing the layout of a button in the website structure.

  1. Session Recording

The next special tool that some people use is session recording, this tool functions to record all activities carried out by visitors on the website, some of the tools that are often used are Fullstory and Inspectlet, with this tool the website owner can see a recreation of the activities of website visitors, technology This can see directly the interactions that are often used by visitors and also learn about problems that may arise if experienced by visitors.

  1. Social Media Analytics

Social media tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer can also be used as visitor analysis tools and help website owners understand how their content and website perform on social media. This tool will analyze things such as counting the number of likes, shares and comments. Apart from that, website owners also know what content visitors like and what role their involvement plays on social media platforms.

  1. Behavioral Analytics

The next tool is Behavioral Analytics which has the same function of understanding visitor behavior in depth. Popular tools are Kissmetrics and Mixpanel, which will focus on understanding visitor behavior better. Apart from collecting quantitative data, it also relates to the behavior of visitors on the website. With this tool, website owners can certainly see various patterns and trends that are currently being updated.

Ecommerce Analytics

Apart from portfolio websites or services in marketing products, e-commerce websites also have tools such as Shopify analytics and also WooCommerce Analytics. This tool is very important, apart from providing the necessary information about traffic data, this tool also looks at visitor behavior, sales information and also collects accurate data.

The availability of various sophisticated analysis tools helps many website owners when they want to analyze website visitors and also improve a good experience for website visitors. kakek merah slot online gambling site uses analytical tools that are almost the same as E-commerce, where the website owner uses almost the same analytical tools to improve the needs and desires of players in online gambling games. By utilizing analytical technology, website owners can easily attract users. new with gambling sites that are more relevant to their desires

Using website visitor analysis technology not only helps in understanding the audience, but is also an important investment for the future of digital business. With accurate and in-depth data, website owners can take the right steps to continue to develop and compete in an increasingly competitive market.

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